Research Projects

Research Interests:

  • Mobile Network Architectures and Protocols
  • Mobile Computing (models, algorithms, and middleware)
  • Smart Sensing
  • Mobile Edge Networking and Computing
  • Wilress Ad hoc and Sensor Networks
  • Three-Dimensional Networks
  • Mobile Social Networks
  • Mobile Crowd Sensing
  • Mobile Big Data
  • Network Security and Privacy

Funded Research Projects:

  • Tier 1 UTC: Center for Advanced Multimodal Mobility Solutions and Education
    Sponsor: US Department of Transportation (DOT)
    Duration: December 2016 - December 2021
    Investigators: Dr. Wei Fan (PI from CEE), Dr. Yu Wang (co-PI), Dr. Martin Kane (co-PI from CEE), Dr. Dave Weggel (co-PI from CEE), Dr. Miguel Pando (co-PI from CEE); and other research teams from Texas Southern University, University of Connecticut, University of Texas at Austin and Washington State University
    This interdisciplinary research bridges two disciplines: Civil and Environmental Engineering and Computer Science.